Reflection 6

Interactive Whiteboards

There are many different ways I could incorporate an interactive whiteboard into my future elementary classroom that would not only benefit the student’s learning, but would serve as an important teaching tool for me as a teacher, too. Here are some of my ideas for interactive whiteboard incorporation:

  1. One specific way I could use the interactive whiteboard, or rather, the students could use it, is for administrative tasks, such as attendance and lunch count. In one of our readings, one classroom teacher used the interactive whiteboard for such tasks and it was very successful and also saved the teacher some time to do other things in the morning, like prepare for the day. The student can drag his or her picture or

    individualized icon to the designated area when they arrive in the morning. The student could also drag his or her picture/icon to indicate what they would like for lunch that day, i.e., lunch from home, pizza, salad, hot lunch, etc. Activinspire flipcharts could be useful in this situation so I could set it up so that each student’s picture/icon is locked in place, and they can drag a copy of it to a desired location.

  2. Another way to use an interactive whiteboard in my future classroom would be for polls or assessments through the use of clickers. If I gave a math lesson on triangles, and wanted to quickly assess students initial understanding of what a triangle is, I could bring up a poll/quiz site on the interactive whiteboard, and pass out clickers for students to use; then I could receive immediate feedback of student’s understanding and see what I might need to spend more time going over and who needs more one-on-one instruction. The interactive whiteboard can easily display this information to me and to the students so they can see quiz questions in a bigger and brighter format and font with images or videos, rather than simply on a piece of paper in plain, black print.
  3. A third way that an interactive whiteboard could be useful in my future classroom would be to display online resources for my students. In my pre-practicum, I have seen the teacher use her SmartBoard to display books, textbooks, images, videos and many other online tools that are resourceful for her students during writing time. Students are able to have a big visual of the text and images displayed on the

    whiteboard that they use as a reference for writing informative sentences. I can definitely imagine myself doing this as a teacher, because that way, every student has access to the information they need to complete an activity on the whiteboard. It would also allow for me, as the teacher, to walk around the room and work with students one-on-one instead of answering questions about spelling, content, and other things because all students have easy access to the material displayed on the interactive whiteboard and can flip to necessary pages on their own.

What excites me most about what I’ve learned so far in this course:

So far in this course, I am excited most about the flipped classroom approach to teaching. Before reading the articles and watching the assigned videos, I had never heard of this approach. After learning more about it, I am very interested in how well it works for different teachers and groups of students, especially elementary aged students, since that is what I am going into. Although I am skeptical about this approach and how well it would work with me personally as a teacher, my skepticism makes me want to do more research about flipped classrooms and see them put into action. I am interested and excited about the idea of meaningful learning and hands-on activities during every classroom session; this really allows students to apply what they have learned into various forms of activities and make more connections with the content, which is what learning is all about. I would be eager to try this approach with my future classroom when I am a teacher to see if it truly benefits the students and increases academic success as all the articles and videos have stated. I would love to find a local elementary classroom that teaches using the flipped classroom method and observe how their day operates. It is a really innovative approach to instruction and I am very intrigued by the idea of it!


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