Multimedia Presentation (Reflection 7)

Click here to view my multimedia presentation.

Presenter Notes:

  • The students will have a handout with a map of Massachusetts with all of the landmarks/cities labeled for them as a reference on the final slide when I ask for volunteers to drag the name of the city/landmark to its appropriate location.
  • Before I introduce the states in New England to the students I will ask students if they already know some of the states that make up this region and if they can point to them on the map in slide 1.
  • For every slide with a state on it I will make sure to point out the capitol and other important landmarks and clearly say their names so students can hear the pronunciation.
  • For the Massachusetts slide I will tell students this is what we are going to be focusing on for the next couple of days. I will also ask students who can point out what area we live in on the Massachusetts map (they can circle this using the pen or highlighter on ActivInspire)
  • On the handout they will have the link address to the website where they will do their research about Massachusetts.
  • The last slide will also have the link to this website and I will show students how to navigate the website, assign their groups and a city/landmark for them to investigate, and then introduce their presentation project.

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