Floating Tool Evaluation 1 (DONE)

Brain Pop Jr. (specific to math)




Type of software: math gaming software

Primary user: students, teachers

Appropriate audience: elementary aged students (grades K-3)

Price: free


  • Many different reinforcement games for math concepts
  • Offers games in other subjects as well (English, social studies, science, health, etc.)
  • Many math categories to choose from (number sense, measurement, fractions, time, geometry, multiplication and division, etc.)mult and div
  • All games offered in different languages (ESL, Spanish, French)
  • Videos explaining concepts offered
  • Quizzes provided
  • Lesson plan ideas for educators provided
  • Audio voice reads aloud when mouse is over a word


Appropriate audience: this software is age appropriate for younger elementary students. It provides games/lessons that coincide with the Standards for kindergarten throughout 3rd grade. There are no advertisements and the pictures and animations are very kid friendly for this age group.

Ease of use: I had no trouble navigating my way through this website. Students will need a username and a password to login and the rest is very self-explanatory. For younger students, teacher directions of where to go will most likely be needed but everything is labeled clearly and visibly, and the topics are organized very well. For students who may have difficulty or have no learned to read yet, the audio feature is very useful. Students will just need to hover their mouse of the words and a voice reads the label out loud to them.

Ability to maintain interest: since everything on this website is very kid friendly and appropriate, I imagine it to be very stimulating and interesting to the students who use it. The colors, the playful animations and images, and games are all things that will keep students wanting to play while simultaneously learning and reinforcing math concepts.


  • Concepts offered are only really appropriate up until 3rd grade, so 4th grade and up will not benefit from this site
  • Need access to a computer or tablet with Internet to use

Classroom Applications:

Struggling to find a way to reward your students with computer/iPad time that involves the reinforcement of concepts at the same time? Using this tool will eliminate the tough search! Students will play fun and stimulating games that allow them to practice their math skills across many different subjects without realizing that they are doing so. This site will serve as a great way to reward students or to fill empty time when students finish work without straying them away from learning math.

Teaching math strategies to students can be very difficult, but Brain Pop Jr. provides a whole section about math strategies! Teachers can have students log on to this site and learn about how to use different strategies to solve math problems without the difficulty of the teacher teaching them. brain popThis can also reinforce how to use math strategies and offers practice for students to do so. The different math strategies offered on this site are, choosing an operation, patterns, pictographs, solving word problems, and tally charts/bar graphs.

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