Floating Tool Evaluation 2 (DONE)



What is Schoology? Watch this video to find out!


Type of software: cloud-based, management, and collaboration software

Primary user: teachers and students

Appropriate audience: middle school aged students through higher education

Price: free


  • Shows recent activity page (similar to Facebook) where teachers and students can post, like, and comment on each other’s posts
  • A reminders and upcoming due dates tab so students can always see what their assignments are for the week
  • Teachers can add assignments and lessons directly to his or her class pagek-12-lessons-in-a-snap
  • Embed content from Google, Microsoft, Youtube, and more
  • Teachers can track students individually through the student analytics reporting and then post content that will better suit their personal needs
  • Access grading tools such as written and video feedback and a specific tab for student grades
  • Students can take quizzes from their page and get immediate feedback
  • Works on iOS, Android, and Kindle devices



Age appropriateness: this tool is appropriate for middle school students all the way through college students. This site has no advertisements and is fairly easy to use and organized efficiently. As long as the teacher gives a demonstration on how to use this tool, his or her students, no matter what age, should be able to easily access their assignments and quizzes, as well as communicate with their peers and their teacher easily.

Feedback provided: students and teachers receive immediate feedback after students complete a quiz or other graded assignment. With access to immediate results, teachers can quickly provide targeted feedback to students and differentiate for them as needed. Everything on Schoology is organized in a way so teachers and students can see grades, progress, and feedback at any time.

Ability to maintain interest: since there are so many different ways to use Schoology, such as posting videos in a lesson, taking an online quiz, having discussions on a class page, and more, its ability to maintain student’s interest is high. Students are not limited to doing the same thing every day on Schoology, and providing variety in how lessons are presented or how assessments are performed definitely keep students engaged and interested.

Comparison to Facebook: Schoology has many different features for educational purposes, but it is very similar to Facebook in the discussion aspect it provides. The
tour-recent-activity_0teacher or student can type up a post in their class page containing an article or discussion question, and other students can reply, comment, like, and overall further promote discussion. This is very similar to Facebook, especially nowadays with all the political debates going on that almost everyone see’s on their Newsfeeds. Schoology is a great way for students and teachers to communicate, debate, and share ideas, only in a safer, less public space.

Classroom Applications:

If a teacher is having a difficult time organizing his or her assignments, quizzes, grading records, etc. then he or she should turn to Schoology. This cloud-based software is organized in a way so that all of a teacher’s assignments, quizzes, grades, and more are in the same location. Instead of searching through endless amounts of papers, all the teacher has to do is log on to Schoology and can access anything that they need on any device, at school or at home.

If a teacher is struggling to track student’s progress in a visible way that is easy to access, k-12-data-analytics-mastery-learning-2Schoology can easily do that for them. With the analytics section of this site, teachers can easily see student’s strengths and weaknesses from their quiz scores marked by green (meaning they have mastered the content) or red (meaning they need help) coloring. It is very easy to see who needs more help and who can move on to new content with this type of technology.

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