Floating Tool Evaluation 3 (DONE)

Stick Pick

stick pick


Here is a quick overview of what Stick Pick does:


Type of software: randomization and questioning app

Primary user: teachers

Appropriate Audience: teachers can use for any age range of students

Price: $3.99


  • Insert students names and randomly draw a name by clicking on the can of sticks on the app
  • Select a mode/level of questions you want to ask individual students based on their level of knowledge (see picture on right)

    Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.34.20 PM
    Select leveled questions based on the student.
  • This app provides a long list of questions and ways to phrase questions based on the student you randomly selected
  • Insert whether the student answered the question correctly, incorrectly, or gave an opinion-based answer and rate their response (5= insightful, confident to 1= no understanding)
  • E-mail the students their result of the questions asked in class by clicking on their name in the roster


Appropriate audience: this app is great because any teacher can use it for any age of students. From early elementary grades to high school students, teachers can find useful ways to use this app for questioning purposes. The options to choose the level of knowledge a student has for any concept or subject is what allows this app to be used across a wide range of grade levels.

Feedback provided: it is very easy for teachers to send student’s feedback about their answers to questions asked in class because all they have to do is insert their evaluation of the student’s response, click on their name in the roster, and send it to them via email. The teacher can add other comments if needed within the email to make the feedback even more specific.


  • The options to customize questions based on the students level of knowledgestick pick 2
  • The ESL mode is great so the teacher can ask students appropriate and understandable questions based on their level of English proficiency
  • The randomization factor
  • The option to send feedback


  • Teachers wished they could add in their students from a word document or excel form because this app only allows teachers to manually enter all their students names (see comments in picture below).
  • Although cheap, it does cost $3.99 to download
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.32.53 PM
Teacher reviews/comments about this app.

Classroom Applications

Teachers often find it hard to get students actively participating in class. With the use of this app, the teacher can randomly draw a name from the cup of sticks and ask that student a question that he or she would be able to answer based on their comprehension of a text or concept. This way, the student will not feel uncomfortable answering a question, but they will also be participating in a way that is not intimidating or difficult for them. All students will have the chance to participate and share their knowledge to the class when a teacher uses this app.

Getting ELL students engaged and actively participating in class discussions can definitely be a difficult thing, especially if they are Level 1 or 2 language learners. Using this app with the ESL mode can relieve some of the pressure and nervousness of the ELL student because he or she knows that the teacher will only ask them questions that they are able to comprehend and answer adequately based on their English proficiency. This app is a great way to get ELL students participating and engaging in class discussions.

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