Tool Evaluation 2

Web 2.0 Cool Tools For School



Type of Software: resource

Primary User: mainly teachers, students

Appropriate Audience: anyone looking for a technology tool for educational purposes

Price: free


  • This site offers a numerous amount of different web 2.0 tools that are useful in the classroom to enhance, plan, organize, or assess educational subjects.
  • The tools are organized under categorized pages, i.e.) video tools, slideshow tools, mapping tools, and many more.
  • Under each categorized page, the user can find the link to the tool, an image of the tool’s logo, and a short description of what the tool does.
  • This software is in the process of creating apps for mobile devices to make it even more accessible to users.
  • This site offers tools meant directly for teachers under the teacher resources page.
  • The user can email the creator of this site if they are using a tool in their classroom that is not displayed on the website, and the creator will then put it on the website.
The home page of this software.


Age Appropriateness: This software is appropriate for users of all ages, as long as they know how to use technology and are willing to try new technologies to enhance education. Teachers can find many different tools on this site for many different purposes such as presentations, assessments, collaboration (as seen in picture below), organizational purposes, and many more. Students, who are comfortable with technology, can use this software to find different tools that can help them complete assignments, play educational games, make presentations, take quizzes, and more.

This is what the collaborative tools page looks like on this software.

Ease of use: Web 2.0 Cool Tools for School is very easy to use. The website itself is eye catching and organized so that the user can find the exact tool they want to use under a certain category in the classroom. Because this software provides a direct link, picture, and description of each tool listed under the many categories offered, it is quick and easy for the user to access the tools.

Intuitive Navigation: This software is easy to navigate because it is organized and straightforward for the user. If the user knows what subject or category they need a tool for, they can easily search the sidebar and then click the link to the tool they think would be most beneficial for them.

Limitations: Although this software provides a lot of different technological tools for users, there is no way of knowing which tool is the best without comparing them all. It seems as though the lists of tools are ranked by most popular (Google is the first on most of the lists) so the user may not know if this is the best tool for them or just the easiest or most popular tool. It would be helpful if users were able to leave reviews or comments on the site so other users could read about their experiences with certain tools, and educate themselves even more on which tools are more beneficial than others.

Applications Within Education

If students are creating a presentation on a certain topic, but do not know where or how to find a tool that can help them create a presentation, they can access this software and find many different tools that can assist them. They will find an abundance of presentation tools, slideshow tools, audio tools if they want to incorporate voiceovers, and image tools. Students will find tools to help them incorporate all the essential parts of a presentation so they can do their best work.

Often times, teachers struggle to make all of their students happy. For example, if students disagree on what they want their morning work to be, the teacher can go to Web 2.0 Cool Tools for School and find tools that will help them create polls or surveys for their students. They will find tools such as Survey Monkey, Kiwk Surveys, Poll Everywhere, and more to choose from. That way, the students can have an input in part of their day, and the teacher can adjust things to make the majority of his or her classroom happy and motivated to learn.