Assessment via Technology


Digital Tool Selection:

I chose to use Kahoot for my assessment via technology because it is age appropriate for 3rd graders, easy to navigate, and extremely straight forward. This tool provides instant feedback to the teacher and students, and also makes the quiz a friendly competition with the addition of earning points for every question answered correctly. This is the perfect tool to assess students formatively and get instant results about their understanding of New England and specifically, Massachusetts.

Problem Identification: kahoot 2

By using this digital assessment tool, the problem of both teachers and students not receiving instant feedback if they were to take a pencil and paper quiz, is solved. After each question, the teacher and student can see if they were correct or not. Also, in a regular paper and pencil quiz, it would be difficult to include the “competition” aspect that Kahoot provides. In a regular assessment students could be less engaged because there would be no large amount of points earned for each question and no leaderboard displayed after each answer, an aspect that Kahoot has that really engages student participation.

Access to the Assessment Instructions:

I would give students directions as follows (I would have Kahoot spelled out on the board and also the Game Pin labeled clearly on the board):

“Okay 3rd graders, now we are going to take a quick quiz about your knowledge of New England and Massachusetts. Please take out your devices (whether it be a computer, iPad, tablet, etc.) and log on to Kahoot ( You will need to enter the Game Pin, which is on the board: 1148748. Then, enter your first and last name when it asks for a nickname. Once everybody has logged in, we will start the quiz. Look on the SmartBoard for the questions and answers, and then click on the color of the answer you want to choose. Good luck!”

If for some reason students are having difficulty logging on to the quiz, I will provide them with this link that should lead them directly to the quiz.