My Experience With Technology in the Classroom

       Growing up, the use of technology in my previous elementary classrooms was not very common. We mainly stuck to the basic paper and pencil routine, and occasionally my teacher would use the overhead projector to display a worksheet on the board. However, in high school, my teachers began faithfully using variations of technology tools in our day-to-day classes. The most popular use of technology I saw as a high school student was PowerPoint, and I can understand why! Having the ability to display organized notes, information, pictures, videos, special effects, etc. was not only easy for the teacher to prepare and present to his or her students, but also visually captivating for the students. PowerPoint gave the teachers the liberty of jam-packing the slides with information, or simply putting key words that they would lecture about in class; they could pick color themes, fonts, animations, insert links, pictures, videos, and much more which was very beneficial for students. As a student, I remember creating PowerPoint slideshows to present projects and have discussions and I really enjoyed creating them because they were not difficult to make and I could add my own personal design aspect to my slides as well.

       Another technology tool some of my teachers utilized in their classrooms were Smart Boards. One of my math teachers used her Smart Board to present a PowerPoint, and then also demonstrate how to solve problems on a blank “sheet of paper”. I liked how the Smart Board had different color options for the pen so my teacher could color coat certain steps and important words she would write. The Smart Board was also effective because students also got the opportunity to utilize it to display their work and interact with it when giving presentations or solving problems. Overall, my experience with technology in the classroom was not overwhelming or intimidating, but was positive and made learning more visually pleasing and interactive for teachers and students.