Tool Evaluations

Classroom Architect

Design your dream classroom using this tool!



  • Type of software: planning
  • Primary user: teachers
  • Audience: anyone who is planning on organizing a classroom
  • Price: free
  • Features:


 Ease of use: This software is very easy to manage and navigate. It provides directions at the top of the page for how to use the site and also has many objects to choose from that you would want in your classroom. Classroom Architect also provides exemplary classrooms so the user can model their classroom similar to the examples, or design their room in a new, unique way.

Ability to Maintain Interest: Classroom Architect is easy to use, helpful, and visually stimulating, all aspects that help maintain ones interest. There is no time limit so the user can use it at their own pace and leisure. Designing a classroom can be stressful, but is also very exciting, and this software helps foster that excitement through its features and tips for designing the best classroom that fits both the students and teachers needs.


  • The directions for how to use Classroom Architect are very straightforward and easy to understand.
  • This software provides many items that a teacher may have or want to have in his or her classroom so that they can include it when designing their room on this site.
  • The user is able to save his or her floor plan designs so they do not lose all of their work when exiting the site.
  • This software provides examples of classrooms for different age groups so that the user can base their design off of that, or opt to do their own design. It gives the user the opportunity to freely plan how they would like.
  • Tips are provided for the user to keep in mind when designing their classroom, for example, considerations of traffic patterns in the room, the visual appeal of centers, not to overcrowd the room, and more.
  • The idea that this software allows the user to bring their dream classroom visually to life is an overall strength of Classroom Architect.

The above images show what Classroom Architect looks like before designing.


Accuracy of Content: Because this software allows for the user to choose the dimensions of their classroom and provides a wide variety of objects that would be in a classroom, the site is very accurate. As long as the user is familiar with what their actual classroom space looks like, they should be able to successfully and accurately design their room using Classroom Architect.

Applications with Education:

 If the user is having trouble designing the layout of their classroom and is trying to arrange it without planning, he or she should use Classroom Architect to ease their frustrations. Having an unorganized, messy classroom will only cause problems for the teacher and for the students, so having a floor plan will make the outcome much easier to accomplish. When the time comes to set up the classroom, the teacher can print their floor plans so they can be as organized as possible when setting up their room.

Also, if the classroom set up is not working with the teacher or with the students, the teacher could allow his or her students to go on to Classroom Architect and design how they would like the classroom to look like. Since this site is so easy to use, elementary aged students could navigate it, with teacher supervision. Then, the teacher could see from the student’s perspective and possibly get new ideas for solving whatever issue they may encounter and re-design his or her classroom.

Here is a link to a video of how to use Classroom Architect and all of its features.